Washington, D.C. —

The ongoing “pandemic,” caused by the supposed “coronavirus,” has lasted nearly nine months so far, thanks to the impressive effort of all the crisis actors that have been staging this charade. In their pursuit to undermine the Trump administration, the actors have been stunningly committed to this convincing performance. So far, over 23 million people have pretended to have caught the virus. Even more spectacular: “medical workers” have been taking the time and effort to place some of the actors on ventilators. We must applaud this attention to detail and thank the people that “died,” all to help the deep state defeat Trump in a globally-coordinated effort, with nearly every country being involved. While this is quite an admirable endeavor, it is unlikely that this level of synchronized false-flagging can continue without the entire operation being discovered and exposed for the grand hoax that it is. For now we can only watch in awe and confusion.

by Zach Englund