Legendary journalist Bob Woodward’s new book Rage uncovers shocking evidence that President Trump is not a stable genius. Woodward, who also helped unravel the Watergate Scandal, had to do some deep digging to shed light on the President’s well-hidden secret: that he is neither smart nor capable. He is neither kind nor honest. He is neither intellectual nor decisive.

“I am confident that my book and audio recordings of the President will take him down like Nixon. I know that his supporters simply lack the facts. They are all capable of discernment, and are good, righteous, compassionate humans who simply need to read more evidence to understand he is a dangerous, lying, narcissistic shit-for-brains, wide-yet-flat-assed orange douchebag. They will come around, the 24 hour news cycle and his own Tweets and speeches just haven’t provided ample material. So, here’s another book. Enjoy.”