Mom left a concerning voicemail this morning regarding her imaginary pulmonary embolisms. It seems that they are once again rearing their ugly head. It started when she got up off the couch and noticed her foot was asleep — a telltale sign of a deep vein thrombosis — but it was the sudden cramp in her side that really put her on edge. I mean, she hasn’t called the doctor, but she did make a Facebook post asking for prayers.

This comes on the heels of a lengthy battle with faux multiple sclerosis. Not to mention that her pretend lupus just went into remission. What a roller coaster of a year she’s had! I’d bake her a cake and take it to her, but she hasn’t been eating sugar for the last few weeks. She noticed a brown ring around her neck and that is as good as being formally diagnosed with diabetes. She had me double check to see it. I could also spot the abnormal pigmentation but then got distracted by the red bump on her shoulder that may or may not have been a mosquito bite infected with bot fly larva.

Maybe I’ll just stick with making her chicken soup.

By CarolAnn Liebelt

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