Austin, TX —

Reports out of Texas are stating that local resident, Victor Robins, has been unable to once again locate his cat, Theo, who swears he last saw him on the window sill. “He was just there. I turned away for a minute and looked back, and he’s gone.” The 32-year-old exclaimed. “I looked through the whole house, and he’s nowhere.” This has been an ongoing problem, and it has been found that others throughout the nation are trying to solve similar mysteries. “Some days it’s like he’s not even here, and then the next thing I know he’s eating some food out of his pet bowl.” There have been no current sightings of the cat. Robins hired a private investigator to try to find his cat, but even the PI was unable to find a single trace of the illusive cat. It is presumed to have found some bizarre hiding spot either in a random crawl space or behind the bed again, perhaps even in the drop ceiling, roaming about for who knows why. “I’ve seen bigfoot more in this house than my own cat.”

By Zach Englund