“You want a stimulus package? I got your stimulus package right here,” Mr. Trump told the press, two fingers firmly gripping his withered penis. “They all want one. I fought COVID. Obama never fought it. Sad. It’s really terrible what the radical left is doing to my great nation. Nancy got her hair cut that day. Sleepy Joe with his giant mask… Come on. I feel better now than I did before the story broke about my taxes, of which I pay a ton, you have no idea, no idea. Give me a break. They got these toilets with no water. You have to flush them 12 times. I bring back football, but they’re never happy.” At publication time, the President was spotted taking pictures of his stimulus package to send his daughter.

One thought on “Trump: I Got Your Stimulus Package Right Here

  1. ah, i can feel the hate within you.
    let the Dark Side’s power flow through you….