Washington D.C.

In a surprising move to cement his own legacy and dismantle his predecessor, president Donald Trump resurrected Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, back from the dead after being killed by SEAL Team 6 back on May 6, 2011 by order of President Obama. The move received mix views for U.S. citizens with some cheering the move as a continuation to remove all traces of what Obama had done. “He never got a true fair trial for what he done, that’s what the U.S. is about,” said John Clayton, a long time supporter of Donald Trump, “Now he can answer to what he did, something that the tyrant Obama didn’t even give him.” Others have expressed outrage with a former Obama supporter and Biden supporter, Alexis Marie telling us, “It’s obvious he only did this to try and outdo Obama, it’s all he can focus on!” she exclaimed.

During a press conference Trump told reporters, “This is quite possibly one of my greatest triumphs.” The president gushed. “I don’t know this man personally, but I’ve heard many things from many sides. All I know is that we continued to roll back the failures of the previous administration. We are another step closer to Making America Great Again.” When pressed as to why he would revive the terrorist mastermind responsible for the September 11th attacks that killed over 3,000 people and left the nation changed for decades after, Trump was quick to chide, “You know, the thing, your fake news made him out to be worse than he was. I think we will, you know, a trial because he was murdered without a trial, and you know, I believe a trial is what this nation needs, it’s important.” Some outlets reported Trump thanking Bin Laden for his actions because it allowed Trump to own the tallest building in New York City, to which he was quick to scold the liberal media for spinning the news and being dishonest.

By Zach Englund, Photo edit: Paul Klingle