If I could just sit down with her, I know could help her take her career to the next level. Sure, she’s written hundreds of sons, so of course she’s got some hits mixed in there, but that’s not what being a singer-songwriter is all about. I’ve only written 3, well 2 are actually done, but I have a 3rd one that’s nearly there so obviously I don’t have dozens of hits yet, but that’s only a numbers game. People want to hear the raw and gritty stuff, totally organic. They don’t want some polished tune with some cool soundbites thrown in. I think with her it’s a lot of organic-adjacent, but I could help change that. Some of my earlier work, with the right studio touch, could probably catapult her into the annals of history. I’d be happy to even just have a Zoom jam session where we could work out some of her more basic melodies, and introduce an honesty, a simplicity, and a complexity that her work is missing. So anyways Taylor Swift, if you’re reading this, call me.

Nate Brown

By Emily Sanchez