Finally! The Kracken has been released and Honorable Donald J. Trump will be declared the WINNER of the 2020 Presidential election. I will tell you I was starting to worry when 44 of the 56 election lawsuits were dismissed. But this tax investigation of Hunter Biden is going to be The Event which is going to bring DOWN the Deep State.

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have been laying a Trap for the Pedophiles.

Rudy found lots of Stolen ballots on Biden’s laptop. I heard from my Cousin who serves coffee to a personal injury Lawyer that the State of Texas is getting ready to Sue Delaware in the Supreme Court and 57 States are joining the Suit. The Supreme Court, headed by Amy Coney Barrett, is going to Order ALL STATES THAT VOTED for Biden as INVALID!!, and she is going to personally arrest and handcuff Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Obummer, Whatever that Black Woman’s Name is who Ran for Vice-President, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey, and she is going to haul them off to Guantanamo!!!!!

I will be washing my Ass in your Liberal Tears 3 days from now (whenever you read this, it will happen 3 days from now). JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!

By Fred Gailey