As various family members passed from the living room to the kitchen for a snack, they unsuccessfully tried to persuade Mom that she had already seen the Hallmark movie she was watching. “Hey, isn’t this the one where the handsome developer comes to town to take over Danica McKellar’s bakery,” asked Amy? “I don’t know,” replied Mom, “I haven’t seen this one yet.” “Yeah, Danica’s dog bites him, and he is laid up in the Inn for 2 weeks, and he falls in love with Danica,” recalled Amy. “They kiss under the mistletoe at the end.” “Don’t spoil it,” Mom scolded!

Evan then entered the room and began quoting swathes of dialogue, that he had memorized solely by passing by the television on various trips out the front door. “Yeah, she is going to say ‘there’s real magic in helping other people’ in a minute.” “Stop it! Don’t tell me what happens” Mom cried. “Judy, the only reason we know what is going to happen is we have seen this movie eight times while passing through this room. You are the only one who watches these things. If we’ve seen it, you’ve seen it,” grunted Dad, as he walked past the TV on his way to the garage.

Mom insisted they were confusing this with another similar Hallmark movie as she broke into tears, deeply touched by the handsome developer’s increasing affection for Danica’s golden retriever.

By Fred Gailey