They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday when he came home crying from kindergarten. Some kids beat him up because he called them a racial slur. I’m thinking about all those late nights helping him with his history papers on The Confederacy and Nazi Germany. I remember yelling at him for spilling paint when he was making his swastikas. How I wish I could have those days back!

Look at my big boy now, off to overthrow the government. I know he wants to do this on his own, but I’m checking his backpack. It’s cold. That MAGA hat is is not going to keep his ears warm. Earmuffs? Check. Did he remember his gummies and PBR? Yep. Mittens? I know they interfere with firing, but he can wear them on the trip. Zip ties? He’d never forget those. Plenty of ammo here… “Don’t Tread on Me” flag… at least having him away for a few days will give me a chance to clean up the basement.

I know its a parent’s job to help them grow up, but I’m still crying. I know he is well on his way to being a famous internet researcher, or a lieutenant in the militia, but he will always be my little man. I just hope when he is a big shot on Newsmax, that he won’t forget his mom and three brothers in Federal prison.