With Easter here, it was reported that Jesus was awaiting revealing his resurrection, reportedly asking from his tomb if the pandemic had ended yet. One of his disciples telling Unsubscribed that Jesus asked him, “Hey is that whole COVID business going on still? If so, I might just hang back for another few weeks or something.” The world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic now for over a year and this new report brings question into what will happen this Easter.

“You know a year ago I had been told that everything would be open by Easter,” Jesus remarked from behind the giant stone bolder blocking his tomb. “So I thought I would be good to emerge and everything would be back to normal, but I found out that that was all a big lie. So I’m really trying to be extra cautious this year, especially seeing as my dad is in the high-risk group and I don’t know if he’s gotten the vaccine yet. We haven’t talked a whole lot lately.”

At press time many were confused as to why Jesus hadn’t gotten the vaccine yet. It will remain to be seen how the COVID pandemic changes Jesus’ plans this Easter.