Supermarket Cashier Not So Friendly When You Talk To Her Three Places Early In The Line, Follow Her To Her Car

Try saying hi to your cashier three places early in the line. Suddenly, the facade drops. Instead of smiling and asking about your day, your act of friendliness is met with a confused glare. But that's not all. Try doing what I did: Wait for her to finish her shift, stay 50-100 feet away from her at all times, follow her to her car, and then try saying hi. Suddenly, Ms. "Did You Find Everything Okay?" is gone, revealing the neurotic, indignant hag she really is.

Outrageous: USA Has 18,600,000 Vacant Homes, And The 600,000 Homeless People Are Refusing To Buy Them

If you are reading this and are homeless, please reconsider your lifestyle and buy my property in Baltimore. I've asked you every which way I can think of. We've made it illegal to feed you, we've fought against shelters and taxes that help you, we've put those bumpy things on benches so you can't sleep on them, but somehow, the housing crisis remains unsolved. I've offered help—countless times—in the form of affordable budgetary and financing advice, and you just act like it's not enough.

In Memoriam: 35 Million Memes, Cat Photos, And Dick Pics That Never Saw The Light Of Day During Yesterday’s Facebook Photo Glitch

"I was using my alt account to send my usual dick pics to random hotties on Instagram - you know, the ones that show some skin and essentially are asking for aggressive sexual reciprocity from appreciative guys like me - but with the photo glitch, all I could send was disappointing attachments that no one woman wants to look at."