Recent local sightings of Vespa mandarinia, also known as the Murder Hornet, is going viral. The flying insect has the potential to decimate the US honeybee population, which would have a seriously adverse effect on our agricultural production. To neutralize the invasion of the Murder Hornet, scientists recently announced they are releasing a brand new, genetically-engineered insect species called the Rape Butterfly.

Shannon Kroger, bee expert with Washington State University’s department of Entomology, stated, “The theory is that the Murder Hornets will be devastated by the physical and emotional toll of being sexually assaulted by these new Rape Butterflies. The humiliation and shame that comes with being violated will distract these hornets from their bloodlust, thus sparing our honeybees.” 

Some critics have brought up concerns about the potential consequences of releasing a new species into the ecosystem. “Might this be the beginning of an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly scenario?”  Wildlife expert Cynthia Lee says. “Because I am not a fan of AR-15-armed monkeys roaming the country taking out AIDS-infected bullfrogs that were released to cull drug-dealing bats who got all the Rape Butterflies’ children addicted to opiates.” 

Only time will tell how this plan will play out in the long run, but the experts are optimistic.

By CarolAnn Liebelt

3 thoughts on “Murder Hornets Neutralized By New Species Of Rape Butterfly

  1. Listen here how tf are they going to know what bugs to harras or they will just harrass any bug this could be bad think before you act.

  2. Nice. Send rape video I’ll blackmail the hornets if they bother me