Lufkin, TX —

Taco Bell unveiled its highly-anticipated new menu item today, this time with an unusual twist.

At one of Taco Bell’s many nationwide locations, people lined up to try the Open Bottom Supreme. “Taco Bell is only about a third of my diet – I eat about two of my six daily meals here,” said a local Dale Earnhardt-shirt-wearing man while finishing off a large Baja Blast. “I have been here since 3 a.m. I want to be one of the first men in the world to eat an Open Bottom.”

And how has Taco Bell described their newest, riskiest product yet?

“We start with a tortilla. Meat, cheese, and lettuce go inside. Then we wrap it up, but before handing it to the customer, we turn it upside down.”

“It’s very similar to a taco. Actually, it is just a taco. But not technically, because it’s upside down. It has a completely different sense of gravity when you turn it over, so it can’t really be called a taco, can it?”

While critics say it is simply an upside-down taco, supporters see Open Bottoms as a symbol for Taco Bell’s legendary eccentricity, inventiveness, and defiance against authority.

By Ethan Moore, Image Edit: Emily Sanchez