Meet Rashida Owens. She’s a single mother who has been making local headlines this week for her commitment to American businesses. In fact, she’s been volunteering over 60 hours a week just to provide them an affordable source of labor.

That’s right. This woman takes 60 hours out of her week just to support American businesses, by working for three of them. Wow.

This gesture of patriotism is no easy feat, especially with a six-year-old daughter to raise. To sacrifice so much time with your child, just for the joy of working for three companies at once, says a lot about your passion for American entrepreneurship. Way to go, Rashida.

You know the best part? The three businesses are giving back and saying, “Thanks, Rashida!” by donating money to her. In fact, for every extra hour Rashida gives of her life, they return to her $8. Can you say “synergy?” This just goes to show that when you show American businesses love and devotion, they will give it right back to you.

“I don’t always feel like a great mom. Or a great friend,” Rashida admits. “I don’t always take good care of my health, or my mind. But I feel proud to say that if nothing else, I take exceptionally good care of American businesses. When I heard that Dollar Tree made $22 billion in revenue last year, I felt proud knowing that they couldn’t have done it without people like me. I’m eternally thankful that I live in a country where I’m completely free to work in as many places as I want, as much as I want.”

By William Boffa